Wednesday, 1 December 2010


My names Abby, but i like to be called Ab by people that love me. I'm fifteen, but depending on my mood i can act completely differently. I like things to be a little bit different sometimes, + i like to be awkward. Music is brilliant, and i'm very passionate about it, it makes me want to jump up and down and :D!! Cheryl Cole is my idol and i have a box that's filled with everything about her, like a shrine in a box. I have a problem, which is that every time i'm near shops i must buy something, i'm obsessed with buying clothes! I like photography, & taking pictures, which is fun. I hate people that don't speak with proper English, it gets on my wick! At this moment in time, i don't want a boyfriend because i'm scared i'll get broken because of it. I find it way to easy to love things, -which i WILL learn to stop doing! My favorite food is CHOCOLATE! And i despise honey + crunchy crisps. I don't like people that love themselves, and go out of their way to look good every day. I love my Dad, but he lives over 3hours away, which sometimes makes me sad. My Mum is like my best friend + i love her lots. I think i'm quite an opinionated person, but i won't go out of my way to be mean to anybody, if i do, i must really not like them.. I like my piano. I sing. I dance. & i think my Sister can be very annoying, but she's nice:). This mod scene doesn't appeal to me. I like glittery, sparkely, pink things. And i'm not the smartest one in the bunch either. I love Sweden & everything about it. I like looking at peoples eyebrows, and i think i'm becoming quite obsessed. Florence Welch gives me alot of inspiration as does Regina Spektor, sometimes Adele does too. I do the really annoying thing that, if i buy an album i listen to the same song over & OVER until i learn all of the words. I'm also a flicker, on the music channels, sorry! I forgot to mention, i like dancing, i do all types of it and i loove it! I like to say 'Tack' instead of thankyou. & now.. i'm going for tea xx

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